Laying of hands, laying of ideas

Just a small slice of life, a mini post as it were: I was sitting in bed, doing a quiet time the other day, thinking about healing the sick by laying hands on them.

Out of nowhere Jesus pipes up: “and you can just lay hands on someone. Where in the Bible does it say ‘lay hands on the sick on the affected area and they will become well’?”

And just like that, I am reminded of the personality of this Almighty Being that I have chosen to spend my life with. This incomprehensible and mirthful God who constantly sheds new light and makes me rethink thoughtless traditions and religious mind sets.


Here’s to You, God, my number one companion in this thing called life.


groaning and travailing

Every Friday night, we wait.

There is a group of us who have been observing this for some time now – I’m one of the longest at almost a year. For inner peace, for political solutions, for the platinum mine strikes, for perfecting the art of waiting itself, but most of all for revival. That has been our exclusive focus lately. And last week Friday night was no different, as we waited for revival together in the prayer room. No different at all.

… Except that it was. At first, I felt God’s presence around me gently, and began to pray into the coming revival. I could feel how keen He was. ‘Like a woman groaning and travailing in labour’ He whispered in my ear, quoting Himself and Rick Joyner both. I nodded. ‘Amen Lord’ Then He got down to business.

Why don’t you groan? Groan loudly. Groan now. I dare you.’

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“Lift your hands”

“What can I do with my obsession…”Image

There is a space I get into that is all meditative and brooding and intense and romantic  with God… and when I am in that place, I listen to Obsession by Jesus Culture.


I was thinking of God in this sort of way at work yesterday, when I decided to take a walk over to the Woolworths across the road to get some lunch and some sunshine, and to clear my head. As Obsession rang out through my earphones and into my spirit, I picked out something and went to stand in the queue, and pondered how much I loved God and how much more I wanted to love God and how far I seemed to fall short every day. I wasn’t particularly depressed, just mellow, bringing topics to Him that I covered all the time.

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mini dare: you can leave your hat on…

me and Louis' hat

me and Louis’ hat


Mini dare, courtesy of a friend at church, Michael, DONE! Here’s how it went:

[A bunch of us walking down the street back towards church after coffee. Katya spots an awesome hat on a stranger walking towards us.]


Me: Ahhh that's a cool hat!
Michael: Ok, that can be my dare to you, go try on that guy's hat!
Me: Done!


Turns out, the guy’s name was Louis. He was very obliging 🙂 The hat didn’t have a and Louis' hat


Wish all the dares were the simple! Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.


signs to make you wonder

I am proud and terrified to report that my dares are slowly getting riskier and more embarrassing.Image

(There are plenty of bigger dares, dares involving famous people and dares involving some pretty humiliating things in some pretty public places, but these require a bit more time and planning to pull off, so you’ll just have to wait and see 🙂 haha)

My one from this weekend involved standing at a traffic light with a sign like a homeless person, except instead of asking for money, this sign glorified Jesus. Saturday evening, on the busy corner of Oxford and Glenhove in Johannesburg, I did the dare.


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new tongues

It’s such a simple dare that it’s terrifying, when Pastor Gregory Peek dares us on Saturday morning. Image

He doesn’t know about my Dare Challenge, but that makes no matter. He said the words “I dare you” and so I consider myself dared.

It is Ministry Training, and to keep things upbeat as we talk about the practical application side of praying for others to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Do we all speak in tongues?’ asks Greg. Yes, we nod, we do. We’re in ministry training after all. ‘Good’ he responds, ready to crack our Christiany self-assuredness with a little fun.

‘Think of a country you want to go to and impact for God. Now, try just speaking in tongues in that language. Go on, try it, I dare you!”

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